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  • 2001.09.27 - Reptile 0.0.3 released

    Version 0.0.3 of Reptile has been released. This is mostly a bugfix and stabilization release prior to JXTA/reputation integration. Release early, release often.

  • 2001.08.15 - Reptile 0.0.2 released

    Version 0.0.2 of Reptile has been released. This version incorporates a number of new features and bugfixes including improved OCS support, better weblog integration, and misc performance enhancements. Reputations and the associated cryptographic support from Sierra are not yet functional.

  • 2001.07.27 - Reptile 0.0.1 released

    The OpenPrivacy project would like to announce the creation and initial release (0.0.1) of Reptile. Reptile is a peer-to-peer content syndication engine (think RSS/OCS) that has privacy protection facilities (for such things as your identity and subscriptions) built in. Reptile nodes can publish to each other (everything is driven by XML based subscriptions) and provide a decentralized authentication model based on cryptographic mechanisms supporting the concept of Reputation. Reptile is built using Java and XML, and is fully Open Source/Free Software. Downloads are available.

  • 2001.04.15 - Talon 0.1.0 released

    Talon 0.1.0 Released. Downloads are available. Talon is a Java Component system designed to incorporate Reputation information to drive component selection.

  • 2001.03.06 - OpenPrivacy white paper

    Enhancing the Internet with Reputations, presented at Computers, Freedom and Privacy 2001 in Boston

  • 2001.01.16 - Talon project initiated

    Talon is a simple yet powerful component system that incorporates Reputations (Sierra) as part of its Component factory mechanism.

  • 2001.01.03- Sierra project initiated

    Sierra is a reference implementation of the OpenPrivacy Reputation Management Framework

  • 2000.12.09 - reputation-opinion-example.xml

    While still incomplete, this example contains the key elements of a profile/reputation object (PROB).

  • 2000.09.29 - hosts a live trial server for Mojo Nation

    Mojo Nation is a publishing and content-sharing network that creates a digital marketplace for the exchange of idle disk space, bandwidth, and CPU cycles.

  • 2000.09.13 - Kevin Burton to work on OpenPrivacy full time

    Kevin is a long-standing contributor to the Apache software foundation, with emphasis on Open Source/Content, Java, XML and distributed Internet systems. His open source Jetspeed portal project is nearing version 1.3.

  • 2000.08.21 - Fen Labalme devotes full time effort to OpenPrivacy

    Since creating the first personalized information system in 1979 (NewsPeek at the then-nascent MIT Media Lab), Fen has been continuously evolving his goal of privacy-enhanced personalization. He now feels that current technologies such as Java, XML, and public key cryptography combined with greater power and bandwidth at the desktop finally enable his dream to become a reality.

  • 2000.08.04 - hosts a live trial server for Publius

    Publius is a Web publishing system that is highly resistant to censorship and provides publishers with a high degree of anonymity.

  • 2000.07.28 - Developers mailing list created

    The opd (OpenPrivacy Developers) mailing list is available for OpenPrivacy users and developers to share ideas, solve problems and discuss things related to OpenPrivacy and related issues.

  • 2000.07.04 - created!

    We are celebrating Independence Day - independence from Big Brother, that is! We welcome all free software and open source developers who want to help us create OpenPrivacy, a key element toward creating a global privacy standard.

  •   OpenPrivacy satisfies one of the requirements for Broadcatch systems
       and supports the Principles of the Identity Commons

    Historical note: OpenPrivacy closed its virtual doors in May of 2002.
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